About Me

I am a research mathematician turned educator.

As Director of Education at Whizz Education, I direct strategy and innovation for Maths-Whizz, a virtual tutoring service that has delivered personalised learning to over half a million students worldwide. Our service combines innovations in intelligent tutoring with real-time reporting and best implementation practices to systematically raise learning outcomes.

The only thing that brings me more joy than mathematics itself is in sharing its beauty and power with others.

I am the editor of Q.E.D., an online publication that is re-imagiming the learning and teaching of mathematics.

I am an Alan Tayler Visiting Lecturer at the Oxford Mathematical Institute, delivering a 1-day course to research mathematicians on how to communicate their ideas to non-mathematicians.

I also run the Oxford Maths Club, a weekly session on problem solving for primary students in the local community.

Want to talk? Please reach out at




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